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It all started with a simple question; what would the perfect studio look like? The Greenlight founders, Scott Carpenter, Dave Bess, Jeff Larsh, and Dan Visentin identified the major issues facing work culture in other gyms such as fancy equipment, smoothie bars, boot camps, endless diets, burnout, and trainers working long weeks with no fun or freedom. 

With 60+ years of combined experience in gym ownership, training, and business mentorship; they sought to develop a solution. Greenlight was born and the rest is fitness history. Now it’s time to share our story, our mission, and our success with the rest of the country!

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Greenlight Personal Training is the only company in the fitness market that has solved the common limiting factors at the owner, employee, and client levels. Our transformational training approach provides an individualized experience for clients in a group setting. Our coaches help clients change their overall lifestyle to become the best version of themselves. 


The powerful Greenlight model decreases employee burnout, and the requirement for a large staff, and operates on a very high earning potential. Ultimately, it’s designed for owner-operators and semi-absentee/multi-unit owners who want to be in the fitness industry by providing more impact with fewer clients.