How We Support Our Studios to Encourage Success

When you choose to partner with Greenlight Personal Training, we want to make sure you are set up for success. Everyone comes to us with different levels of experience, skills, and professional backgrounds and we all know opening a business can be a lot of work. That’s why we’ve created our tried and tested support systems to offer you all the tools you need to achieve your goals as a franchisee. We want to make sure you have the necessary resources and confidence to run your business so you can thrive and grow each step of the way! 

  • Initial Training

At Greenlight Personal Training we have created a comprehensive online manual which we call The Greenlight University. These thorough courses will train you on how to run our business systems and provide you with all the instructions needed on operating your own studio. Our industry leading owner and staff training also consists of on-site and virtual sessions with our dedicated team covering topics like sales, fulfillment, and renewals.

  • Set Up 

It’s important that all Greenlight Personal Training locations maintain a specific look, feel, and functionality. Our design team is one of the best and they will work closely with you to carefully cultivate all the detailed requirements for the space. Location is also an essential aspect of any franchise. Our team is very experienced in finding the territory that will be the most cost effective while providing maximum exposure. 

  • Ongoing Guidance

Greenlight Personal Training franchisees will work hand-in-hand with our onboarding team as they offer ongoing guidance throughout the process of opening and operating your location. To complete the New Studio Checklist you will meet with our industry experts every week. In addition our multi-tiered approach to marketing includes digital ads and social media strategies that are ready to use and detailed guides on how to make your franchise stand out.

  • Regular Calls 

As part of the support package at Greenlight Personal Training, our franchisees meet with an expert from our team to review metrics each month. We provide plenty of feedback so that you can build out strategies for continued growth. After opening, you will also have access to our Greenlight Community Calls which cover sales, marketing, operations, and mentoring. Weekly group training calls are offered so you continue to build your business as well.

When you invest in a franchise business with Greenlight Personal Training, we always have your back! With over 60 years of combined experience in gym ownership, training, and business mentorship it’s no surprise that our proven business model and established brand make for such a sustainable and profitable franchise system. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality support from our team of dedicated professionals. Whether it’s initial training, location set up, or marketing, Greenlight Personal Training will be there to guide you on the path to success! 

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