Most Frequently Asked Franchising Questions

Being in the fitness franchise business for many years, we’ve heard a lot of the same questions from interested potential owners over and over again. We happen to think these frequent inquiries are some of the most important and informative for deciding if franchising with Greenlight Personal Training could be an ideal fit. We want to partner with the right people who believe in our mission and want to truly impact the lives of their clients. It’s best to learn what Greenlight is all about before embarking on a fitness franchise adventure together! 

How is your approach to fitness different from box gyms? 

The training program at Greenlight is based on four main pillars for helping each individual reach their fitness goals. Other fitness facilities only focus on one, which is daily movement. We incorporate nutrition, mindset, and habits as well. These are all put together in a way that shows clients that their determination and effort can positively influence every aspect of their lives through the structure and accountability we provide. 

What are the benefits of membership at Greenlight Personal Training? 

Greenlight Personal Training strives to provide our members with all the tools and techniques they need to achieve their goals. Our expert staff offers individualized programs tailored to each client and their needs at a very favorable level rate. We offer lifestyle and strength training coaching and the Greenlight habit tracker for making real changes on and off the mat. Our workout training app and body composition testing help members to hone in on how to perform at their very best level. 

What are you looking for in a franchise owner? 

The Greenlight franchise model is designed for owner-operators who want to be in the fitness industry by providing more impact with fewer clients. A passion for health and wellness and a strong want to help people become the best versions of themselves are things we look for in any Greenlight Personal Training franchisee. While experience in the fitness industry is not required, a high level of business and management knowledge is desirable. 

Why should I invest in a Greenlight Personal Training franchise? 

The transformational layered personal training approach at Greenlight provides a personalized experience for clients in a group setting. This powerful model decreases employee burnout and a requirement for a large staff while operating on a very high earning potential. The target for each studio is just 30 members and the average client value is around $900 per month. Our business model is designed to scale to multiple locations. The start-up costs for a Greenlight location are very low, plus prime territories are available. 

What resources are available to Greenlight franchisees? 

All Greenlight Personal Training owners are set up for success. We offer all the resources necessary to establish a profitable studio location. This includes our existing brand recognition, a proven business model, established operational systems, management software, lower equipment costs, and hands-on job training. The most important component may just be our comprehensive and ongoing support with a thorough manual, new studio checklists, an expert onboarding team, community calls, and more. 
We hope this has answered some of your most pressing questions when considering our franchise opportunity. To take the next step, contact us for a Clarity Call with a Greenlight Personal Training team member at